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Bonbonniere is the newest baby in Mayfair. With a name to live up, Bonbonniere dress code is strictly enforced to build and maintain their A-list and beautiful crowd. It may be new in London nightclub scene but it has become one of the most famous night spots in town.

Bonbonniere observes a very strict door policy so think of Bonbonniere dress code as elegant and sophisticated.

Bonbonniere dress code for the ladies:

Bonbonniere dress code is elegant and sophisticated. So ladies make sure you put on your best dress! Think of the sexiest dress or skirt and high heels in your closet. Are high heels a must? Yes! The thing with these exclusive VIP venues are they consider the way you dress if you fit in with the club’s character and style. Glam and fancy accessories are also recommended.

Don’t forget that hair and make up is also a must but don’t overdo! Put on some nice eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner to make your beautiful eyes pop. For an extra dramatic effect, smokey eyes will do. For hair, curls are always a good choice, a classy sophisticated bun or the usual blow-dry, is fine but makes sure it looks good on you.

Bonbonniere Dress Code 1
Bonbonniere Dress Code 2

Dress code for gentlemen:

Bonbonniere dress code for gentlemen is smart and elegant! The key here is to look as sharp as possible. If you can be sharper, do it! Need an idea? A nice shirt, smart trousers and closed shoes are fine. Please don’t even think about sportswear (no sport pants or trainers are allowed).

If you have any more questions on Bonbonniere dress code, get in touch with Club-Bookers so we can answer them. If none, contact us now for Bonbonniere guestlist and Bonbonniere table booking.

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