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From the management of Cirque le Soir, Drama Park Lane is born. It is one the newest and hottest VIP venue in town that replaced Whisky Mist. It is located next to the Hilton Hotel near Green Park which is the haven of all partygoers.

Drama Park Lane dress code for the ladies:

Rule of the thumb in all VIP Mayfair venues is to dress to impress. With an elite clientele, wardrobe is the most important aspect that defines clubs. So it is just understandable that Drama Park Lane expects all the ladies to be in their sexiest and glammed up look. Maxi, medium, mini dresses and skirts are welcome as long as they are chic, seductive and fashionable. High heels should not be a question anymore as it is a requirement. No flats or sandals are allowed so let your legs be part of the show. VIP venues likes its ladies keep it sexy by showing off some skin but make sure you leave something to the imagination. Hairstyle and make up should match your outfit of course. Choose from beautiful curls, a sophisticated bun or a simple ponytail will surely suit you and make your whole look flawless. As to make-up, less is more, but this should not stop you from perfecting that cat-like, smokey eyes or red lips.

Drama Park Lane Dress Code 1
Drama Park Lane Dress Code 2

Drama Park Lane dress code for the gentlemen:

Just like any other VIP venue in Mayfair. Dress code is the most important criteria that will determine if you can enter and party inside the club. And when it comes to Drama Park Lane dress code for guys, you have to look sharp and elegant. A nice shirt with smart trousers or dark jeans paired with a stylish coat is your best bet. We can’t stress enough the importance of shoes! Smart shoes are essentials for a good night out. Avoid sportswear like shorts, sandals, opened shoes, athletic shoes or baseball hats. If your look does not meet Drama Park Lane dress code criteria, don’t be surprised if you get kicked to the curb.

So ladies and gentlemen, we hope that this helps you plan your nightout perfectly. Make sure you check out the Drama Park Lane entry price and bottle prices so you can make the most out of your Drama Park Lane parties. Now better call up your friends and get on Club Bookers Drama Park Lane guestlist.

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