How to celebrate your 30th birthday in London’s nightclubs

How to celebrate your 30th birthday in London’s nightclubs GUESTLIST

How to celebrate your 30th birthday in London’s nightclubs

Learn how to celebrate your 30th birthday in London’s nightclubs. Birthdays have always been important events for not only the person whose birthday it is but also for friends and family. So if you are turning thirty soon, you must be looking forward to inviting your friends and family for the happy event. But planning a birthday party can prove to be quite taxing. You have to select a venue, choose the decor and organize food and drinks suitable for all your guests. Along with that, you will have to ensure that your guests are well taken care of and entertained. If you are looking to avoid all of these hassles, but at the same time you want to have a fun birthday party, then you can consider purchasing a birthday package offered by a premier nightclub in London. These packages will cover all that you want to have as a part of the event.

Some of the nightclubs that offer excellent birthday packages have been mentioned below. Here’s how to celebrate your 30th birthday in London’s nightclubs.

Bodo’s Schloss

If you are looking forward to enjoying an intimate and comfortable evening with close friends and family, then check out Bodo’s Schloss. Bodo’s Schloss is a perfect night club if you are looking for an ambience that reminds you of the Austrian Alps. It is a nightclub, unlike your regular night clubs. It is elegant, sophisticated, and it is reflected in the ambience and decor of the night club. It is compulsory for all guests to wear elegant and fashionable clothes. Casual dresses and shoes are a strict no-no! There is a list of exquisit wines available in the night club.

You can also partake of the delectable European palate inspired dishes offered by the club’s kitchen. So if you want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable birthday party with good food, drinks and rhythmic music, then Bodo’s Schloss is the place to be.

The Maddox Club

However, if you want a mix of elegance and fun then you can check out the birthday packages offered by London’s The Maddox Club. It is an exclusive ‘private’ club located in Mayfair. The Maddox Club is a niche nightclub, because it has successfully incorporated a DJ booth within a traditional fine dining restaurant. This has added a touch of modernity to the otherwise urbane night club. While the DJ plays foot-tapping music, you can enjoy a fun evening punctuated with good food and wine.

At The Maddox Club, your birthday party will definitely be the perfect combination of fun and sophistication. The decor of the club is also unique. It has leather booths make the ambience of the club inviting, comfortable, exclusive and surreal. You can enjoy a comfortable evening with your closest friends and families.

The Paper Club

But, if you are looking forward to a party that is all about music and dance, then you must check out The Paper Club, London. Known for its internationally acclaimed DJs, the Paper Club promises its patrons an evening that is full of dance and music. If you want to turn thirty with absolute gusto and enthusiasm, then The Paper Club is the place to. It is a club for young people as well as for people who are young at heart! A birthday party at the Paper Club is not just an exclusive event, but also one that fun and enjoyable.


So turn your thirtieth birthday party into one of the most pleasant events for your friends and family by organizing it in one of London’s premier night clubs. You can celebrate your birthday party with the finest drinks, music and be waited upon by some of the best attendants, waiters and waitresses, simply by booking a birthday package from a premier London nightclub.