All you need to know for New Years Eve 2019 in London

New Year is just a week away, and the excitement around it is contagious enough to make even the most annoying person happy. Planning the perfect New Year’s Eve is often a tough job when the options are so many. Every club or pub has some special event for the special day. We are going to show you  all you need to know for New Years Eve 2019 in London.

Too many options become a confusion later on and at the end its a party at home or something as simple as that. By any chance, if you are in London, things are worse. The entire city is engrossed in celebrating the holidays in the best way possible.

From streets to markets and malls, everywhere there is something new and different to explore. So what option do you choose? If you are someone who loves to party, then you definitely should check what Club Booker has planned for 2019 New Years Eve Party.

AN iconic name among the Elite party-going crowd, Club Booker, has over 10 High-Class Night Clubs in London alone. Every club is a real Partygoers’ paradise, so choosing the right one among all these can be a tough job.

Top VIP Clubs in London

Scandal Club located at Wells Street is one of the most stunning and elegant clubs of London. Scandal is of the best-known spots for Elites and VIPs of the country to party at. Inspired by the class and elegance of the old day Mayfair Club Experience, Scandal is the perfect place to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Neon Light Dance floor with beautiful cabaret dancers and an equally lovely retro mixed modern music in the backdrop, Scandal surely knows how to make the party more fun. The only chance you will have of stepping into the club is if you make a prior reservation and make it a point to arrive early in the evening.

Open only three days a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the demand for it is always high. So in case you want to spend the New year’s Eve at Scandal, contact us and make an advanced reservation right away.

One of the other iconic and most sort after clubs in London is Maddox, located at Central Mayfair. What makes Maddox very unique and so highly recommended is its selective members and guest only admission policy.

An extravagant boutique nightclub at the heart of London, Maddox Club is the stamping ground for some of the biggest global celebs. New year’s Eve Party at Maddox is always a jaw-dropping act. However, it is only a lucky few who gets to party alongside celebrities and hotshots due to the limited entry availability.

In case you want to spend New Year’s Eve of 2019 at Maddox, you can log into their exclusive Club Booker page and make a booking.

Open three days a week from 10.30 PM to 3 AM, Maddox has a strict elegant and chic dress code that needs to be followed in case you are in the list of invitees for the party.

If you are in London, make sure to check Club Bookers for all the exciting events and parties happening at the best nightclubs of the city.