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Cirque Le Soir Prices

Even the name invokes mystery. So allow me welcome you to Cirque Le Soir, a place where the weird and the wonderful go hand in hand, a place not for the tame nor the prudish, a place not for the ordinary clubber, since, Cirque Le Soir, is not your ordinary nightclub to begin with. Make sure you are in the Cirque Le Soir guestlist to enjoy rad parties at this unique nightclub. I assure you that the Cirque Le Soir Prices are nothing compared to the hedonistic bliss you will experience.

Cirque Le Soir Entry Price

Hidden behind what appears to be an unremarkable black door on Ganton street, this circus extravaganza will transport you in a world of pleasure where indulging in the sexy, the sinful and the shocking is encouraged and promoted. Follow the Cirque Le Soir Dress Code to fit in and stand out from the rest. The Cirque Le Soir Entry Price varies depending on the events being held. They have themed entertainments on most days of the week. They have the LA Monday, a fancy dress themed party, and is famous as the hippest monday night party in whole of London. They also have the Hype Hop Party on Wednesday, Censored during Friday, and Saturdays at Cirque Le Soir.

They are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2300 to 0300. The Cirque Le Soir Entry Price is £20 per person regardless of gender. However, ladies who arrive earlier than 2300 would be given free entry to this spectacular club. Like most exclusive clubs in Mayfair, the Cirque Le Soir dress code is very strict. Smart elegant is the encouraged attire, except on themed nights. But generally, heels is a must for ladies while smart shoes would be best for the gentlemen.

Cirque Le Soir Prices
Cirque Le Soir Prices

Cirque Le Soir Bottle Prices

Now that we’re finished with the entry fees and door policies of the club, let us now talk about the performances as well as the Cirque Le Soir Bottle Prices. The club guarantees non-stop jaw dropping entertainment from fire-eaters to circus acts to exotic and erotic dancers. It is best witnessed with some good old bottle of spirits. The Cirque Le Soir Bottle Prices offers a wide array of spirits to choose from. The minimum spend per table at Cirque Le Soir is £1,000. Prices may vary depending on occcassion and may be subject to change. A bottle of Tanqueray 10 costs £ 350, a Johnnie Walker Gold is priced at £ 325 while the blue label sells for £ 800. They also have various Tequila offerings, like the Don Julio Blanco for £ 300, the Patron Platinum for £ 900 or the extra special Gran Patron Burdeos which sells for a hefty £ 2000 per bottle.

Champagne is the drink of choice in this circus themed nightclub,and the champagne list in the Cirque Le Soir Bottle Prices menu have a lot of varieties to choose from. Champagne prices range from £ 950 for a Dom Perignon Brut to a whopping £ 32000 for a Cristal Methuselah. Make sure you book your tables in advance because this club is always a full house.

So sit back, relax, and let Circus begin!!!

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4, Winsley Street, W1W 8HF
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Cirque le Soir

15-21 Ganton St, W1F 9BN
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