Nightclubs are great for socializing and meeting new people. When you meet a guy you like in the club, stop being awkward and making your self look like a fool fumbling around. If you have no idea how to get a guy’s attention in a nightclub in a classy and sassy way, here are our top tips for you.

How to get a guy’s attention in a nightclub

  1. Wear something flattering. There are a lot of fashion styles out there. The key is to know and understand your body frame and size in order to best flaunt your assets. One of the major mistakes women make is that they follow fashion fads without considering if that suits them best. An hourglass shaped body will need a different design from a pear-shaped body.


  1. Sexy doesn’t mean bare all. Men like sexy girls but there is a very fine line between sexy and trashy. If you want to be noticed yet respected at the same time, you should look the part. Contrary to usual perception, less is more when it comes to sexy. Let the guy imagine what’s inside you and give him subtle hints. Don’t make it easy by simply baring it all.


  1. Always wear waterproof makeup. There’s nothing more dreadful than a melting mascara and eyeliner. Expect sweat or tears of laughter when you go on a night out and it would be extremely embarrassing to make eye contact with the guy you like and you have dripping blots of black in your eyes.


  1. Drink moderately. If you have a crush and you want to be noticed, having him see you wasted on your first night might not be the best strategy. Control the booze and make sure that you don’t drink too much so you can also control every situation that comes your way.


  1. Dance appropriately. Getting noticed is easy on the dance floor but for most people, they are noticed for the wrong reasons. Being wasted on the dance floor is not a good mix, as proven by so many viral videos on the internet. You want to be a sensation for him on that night, and not on the viral funny nightclub epic fail video on Youtube.


  1. Be in sight. The thing is, a person who hasn’t seen you will never notice you. If you dance or drink, make sure you are in a spot where he can see you too. Having an unrequited attraction is not a good way to spend the night.


  1. Initiate a meaningful eye contact. Eye contact is nice but a meaningful glance will send a signal that there is a potential spark between the two of you. If you catch him looking at you three times, chances are, he is into you too.


  1. Get away from your crowd. Take some time to go to the bar alone or in some spot where he can then make the move and follow you. Guys usually do not have the guts to approach women who are in groups due to the fear of rejection so you should give him that opportunity to come up to you and say hello.


  1. Converse confidently. You don’t have to be a genius to make a good conversation with a guy you like. You just have to know what to say and when to say it. Sexiness and beauty is best combined with elegant confidence. Cockiness and confidence are two difference things so make sure you keep it within limits. Don’t hesitate to interact, laugh and make a witty joke


  1. Be willing to walk away. Not all guys you are attracted to and are attracted to you is a fit for you. Just because you spent a little time flirting around and you have finally caught his attention, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it til the end. If the guy is obnoxious or rude and disrespectful, take your drink and wave a graceful goodbye. You are better off spending the night alone or with your gang than with someone you don’t like.