Roof Gardens DRESS CODE

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Roof Gardens is definitely a place to visit because of its beautiful view and amazing cocktail list. If you are looking for something different from the usual, head to Kensington Roof Gardens because this rooftop venue will not disappoint you.

Frequented with celebrities, Roof Gardens can be very selective when it comes to their guests so make sure your name is on Roof Gardens guestlist with Club-Bookers to experience a VIP nightout. Just like any other VIP venues in Mayfair, Roof Gardens dress code is strictly enforced and must be followed by all guests in order to get in. Roof Gardens management reserves the right to refuse entry to those that doesn’t fit the requirements.

Roof Gardens dress code for the ladies:

We love all our ladies so to make sure that you get in, be in your smartest and stylish dress. Partying in Roof Gardens is no joke, and we know that it takes some time to think of the perfect ensemble that will make you stand out in the crowd! Roof Gardens is the perfect nightclub for you to shine as it is a very exclusive club and you must dress to impress. The best Roof Gardens dress code for the ladies is a nice little black dress that accentuates your curves. A glam skirt or fashionable shorts are also acceptable. But what carries it the most are the high-heeled shoes! Flats and sandals are a big no-no. So choose a comfortable high-heels for the night because you will be on your feet all night in the dance floor! Dressing up is always fun, so keep it fancy and glam!

Roof Gardens Dress Code 1
Roof Gardens Dress Code 2

Roof Gardens Dress code for men:

The Roof Gardens dress code for men is also smart and stylish. Roof Gardens strictly enforces the dress code policy because they maintain the look of the crowd that they have in their parties. To gain entry, make sure you follow it. Proper shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. Trendy jackets to spice up your outfit is allowed. Remember that no sportswear is allowed!

Make sure you check out the Roof Gardens entry price and bottle prices so you can make the most out of your Roof Gardens parties. If you are ready to have a great night at Roof Gardens. Contact your Club-Bookers to get on Roof Gardens guestlist!

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