Roof Gardens

99 Kensington High Street,
London W8 5SA

Whether you are visiting or living in London, Roof Gardens is definitely a place to visit. With its beautiful view and amazing cocktail list, this rooftop venue will not disappoint. If you are looking for something different from the usual, head to Kensington Roof Gardens.

Roof Gardens Guestlist

There is no better place to begin your weekend than on the marvellous rooftop gardens which is 100 feet above Kensington High Street, this is Roof Gardens and this is how glamorous it can be. Take a break and get on Roof Gardens guestlist or make a Roof Gardens table reservation with Club Bookers.

If you are wondering about what to do in London, Roof Gardens is the venue that you need to visit for sure. Gardens are equipped with three greenery parts and each of it is in its unique manner and theme: Spanish, Tudor and English Woodland. Roof Gardens guestlist is known as one of the best rooftop bars in London, and the night life here is always glamorous.

Pop in for a cocktail on the terrace and escape the hustle and bustle of the city with Roof Garden’s spectacular view from the 6th floor. Dance in awe as the DJ spins the wicked beats off the Roof Gardens dance floor. Take your pick from the wide range of amazing drinks offered by Roof Gardens bartenders and relax in the gardens as you sip your delightful cocktail. The venue’s VIP treatment lets every customer feel like a royalty in a dreamlike surrounding which magnetizes celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jade Jaggar and others. Since Fridays and Saturdays are very busy, make sure that you are on the guestlist. For more information on Roof Gardens guestlist and entry fee you can always get in touch with our Club Bookers directly. Roof Gardens Dress code could be characterized as “no effort, no entry”, so get glammed up for a great night out! Contact us for Roof Gardens guestlist or make Roof Gardens table reservation right now, because having a party in Roof Gardens is an amazing night out.

Roof Gardens Guestlist Entry Fee

Entry fee for ladies and gents is £20 on Friday and Saturday nights of October to April. While Saturday nights of May to September, the fee is £25. Make sure you check the Roof Gardens entry price and bottle prices to make the most out of your Roof Gardens party.

Roof Gardens Guestlist Dress Code

Roof Gardens dress code is chic and elegant at all times. The club has the right to refuse entry when requirements are not matched.

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Roof Gardens Guestlist Bookings
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Roof Gardens London
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