Top 5 Things To Do in London at Night

Top 5 Things To Do in London At Night

London has been attracting tourists because of its rich culture, history and breathtaking landmarks. If you’re a night owl and wanting to make your nights in London a little bit more adventure-filled, then here’s our recommendation top 5 things to do in London at night.

1. Watch A Cabaret

Cafe de Paris - Top 5 Things To Do In London At Night

Cafe de Paris is one of the oldest cabarets in London and certainly the most iconic. The venue is a regular venue for celebrities and royals as it showcases the best performances in London. Open on Fridays and Saturdays only, the cabaret has comedy, circus and burlesque shows that can truly wow the crowd. After the show, it transforms into a nightclub where you can party until early morning. The club requires you to either be on the guestlist or book a table before you can enjoy the show, so make sure you book in advance and get in touch with the best concierge in London.


2. Ride the London Eye

Top 5 Things To Do In London At Night

The ride at the London eye isn’t really a question of day or night because they both have a different delight to it. Seeing London architecture and details during the day and seeing the twinkling lights at night are both spectacular views that you should experience. The London Eye operates at night during winter, spring and autumn.Tickets can be bought specifically to see London lit up at night from one of the best vantage points in the city but you can also wait to make sure that the weather is good before taking the ride.


3. Eat in the Dark

Top 5 Things To Do in London at Night

The Pitch Black Bar offers a whole new experience for the food lovers of London. It’s a bar with “one big twist” because you will be in complete darkness! The bar aims to shift the sensory experience of its customers to focus on flavor and aroma instead of the glitz and glamour of a venue. It encourages interaction within the pair or group and a good escape from your phone during dinner. Expect the unexpected as you get inside but surely you will be pleasantly surprised.


4. Watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Top 5 Things To Do in London at Night

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this could be the best place for you. And even if you are not, it’s worth taking a look why the whole world is raving about this story. Fans from around the world have been flying to London to see the play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play is performed at the Palace Theater in London and tickets until July 2018 are already sold out!!! It is the last story that J.K. Rowling will ever write for the Harry Potter series. This might be a sad ending for the fans but the theater experience will surely be nostalgic and nothing short of amazing than the books and the movies.


5. Experience VIP Clubbing

Top 5 Things To Do in London At Night

Clubbing can’t get any better in London. It is home to the best and most prestigious clubs in the world. Even stars and celebrities come here to get a taste of London’s exquisite nightlife. The most famous and the one on top of our list are Cirque Le Soir, Libertine and MahikiTo get inside, you must be on the guestlist or have a table booking ahead of time to make sure that someone else got you taken cared of inside. Make sure you only book with legit nightlife concierges in London so you don’t waste your time and money on the wrong people.